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Oral Systemic Care for the Entire Family . . .

Receive personalized high quality coordinated Oral Systemic and Natural Dental Care in all branches of dentistry under one roof . . .

 It's the cornerstone of our practice!  

Our Dental Wellness Center is conveniently located in the Waterview Building on the Manhasset Bay in Great Neck, NY. Our patients come from Nassau and Suffolk County  - Long Island as well as New York City and New Jersey to see our General Dentists, Periodontists, Prosthodontists and  Dental Hygienists

We Save Teeth! There is no better substitute than preserving your natural teeth! Our Dental "Wellness" Center and highly qualified dental staff is dedicating to saving most teeth that other practitioners would extract. Once a natural tooth is extracted there is no going back. If replaced with a Dental Implant and it fails, there is no other recourse. Therefore, saving a natural tooth is our priority.

What Makes Us Different From Other Dental Facilities?  We are determined to provide our patients with the latest technologies, safest, most natural and least invasive approaches to dental care. Not only is oral health of an important concern, but each persons overall well being. Our Dental Wellness Center uses a natural approach to dentistry in hopes that our patients leave our office content with their oral and general health. Our beautifully decorated facilities have a spa feel, that is warm, friendly and inviting. We really care about our patients and embrace each ones biochemical, psychological, systemic and emotional differences. We aim to provide them with high quality services and a long lasting relationship.

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Our Dental Wellness Center:  offers all branches of dentistry under one roof. Our entire Dental Team is dedicated to providing each patient with comprehensive high quality dental care in all disciplines of dentistry, while maintaining a “natural wellness approach" in everything we do.  Today’s research indicates there is a notable relationship between oral and systemic health. Preventive Dentistry is key!  Our premise is that effective oral health and systemic care is the education and execution of preventive dental medicine. We trust that prevention begins with effective education and integrative patient, physician and dentist communication. 

Cardiodontal Reception Area - Periodontist Great Neck, Ny

Waterview Building

Cardiodontal Reception Area - Periodontist Great Neck, Ny

Our Reception Area

One of Five Treatment Rooms 

Our State of the Art Dental Facilities:  are gorgeous, inviting and relaxing, offering the latest in holistic dental wellness technologies and materials such as:

We aim to provide all patients with the finest environmentally friendly, natural and biocompatible dental materials and treatments available on the market. Schedule your Appointment Today!

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Meet Dr. Jonathan Richter DDS FAGD

Dr. Jonathan Richter is a renowned Periodontist and a Prosthodontist practicing in Great Neck NY and NYC. His patients come from all over the country to receive cutting edge dental care. He founded Cardiodontal - a Dental Wellness Center in order to promote the relationship between  oral and systemic health. Best of all, he has put together a team of dual trained professionals specializing in all disciplines of Dentistry that practice in one integrative office. Dr. Richter is a well-noted dental practitioner, featured in various print and news media articles and has appeared on all the major local news station channels- CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC. 

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Dr. Richter's Office is not the typical sterile looking white wall dental office. It's a very calming atmosphere!
I love my new smile. Everyone makes you feel welcomed!
. . . All my expectations we met and exceeded!

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Each patient is unique! 

Our entire staff is dual-trained and dedicated to embracing each patient as if they were our only, focusing on improving their dental and overall health by:

• Embracing each patient's biochemical makeup

• Really listening and catering to their specific dental health

• Evaluating their whole body Health including: nutritional and lifestyle assessments as well as considering their mental and emotional needs

• Personalization - Since each person is unique, together we will come up with a treatment plan tailor made to conquer any health concern

By addressing each patients specific health, nutritional, medical, mental and emotional needs, we are able to pinpoint and design a personalized and effective dental wellness treatment plan that will lead to a healthy mouth and a healthier you!

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Cardiodontal, a Dental Wellness Center, is where patients of all ages can receive integrative oral and systemic natural dentistry in one Dental Office.




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